The process starts in a factory in Hong Kong. Fabrics such as Egyptian cottons, pure cottons, and linen help to bring comfort and precision tailoring. In addition to the fabric quality, the cut, many finishing touches are also available to the shirts uniqueness. With 10 different collar styles, 5 different cuff styles (white collar and cuff also available) embroidered initials, and not forgetting the most important 300 different fabrics are available. A Michael Blake made-to-measure shirt is fitted by taking 10 different measurements. The client can clearly explain his preferences so that the shirt will be as comfortable as possible. Our shirt service produces a shirt in just 3 weeks after the order has been placed. You will receive a garment that is guaranteed unique to match your personality.

The gentleman of taste who want to acquire a Michael Blake suit can make an appointment and have a consultation done in the comfort of their home or office. The customer may choose the cut, fabric, lining, and other personalized features that will make the garment, and perfectly match the image of its wearer. The clients measurement and personal choices are taken, he can then choose from 300 fabrics ranging from 120's to 180's. The order is then sent to Hong Kong where it is processed and the fabric is cut. After a 3 week period the suit is ready for the client to take home.

Customization creates freedom from brand dictatorship and gives everyone the possibility to become his or her own designer.